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Linx Hogthrob and MK

The scene opens with both men exchanging deep tongue kissing and nipple play while cuddling in bed. It’s not long before MK goes down on Linx's swollen cock. The big man grabs his head and ruthlessly throat fucks him, making MK gag. Linx props up MK’s beefy butt in the air and shoves his broad tongue into the boy’s tight, pink hole. He licks and laps at it, making MK whimper and whine. MK mounts Linx and forces his dick into the big man's hole. MK slams into Linx, over and over again, not holding anything back. Linx howls with pleasure as he is ruthless taken from behind!

Starring: Linx Hogthrob, MK

Running Time: 00:10:00

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