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Brown Big Bear and Dick Bearson

The film opens with two big mountains of men entwined in each other’s arms exchanging deep, passionate kisses on the couch. Brown Big Bear stands up, as Dick slides down his knees, eagerly waiting for his partner’s big, thick member to flop out. He hungrily swallows the swelling cock down his throat, over and over again, making it throb rock hard. A quick flip of the switch and Dick is bent over getting his round, beefy butt cheeks licked up one side and down the other by Brown Big Bear’s broad thick tongue. After a good tongue lashing, Brown Big Bear slides his fat, long cock, balls deep into Bearison's ass. The big man ruthlessly pounds his mate’s hole – make them both grunt and moan with pleasure. The scene climaxes with hot sperm erupting as the two men give each other creamy cum facials!

Starring: Brown Big Bear , Dick Bearison

Running Time: 00:17:00

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