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Robert Hazelwood and Frank Carnation

The scene opens with both men on the couch exchanging deep tongue kissing and nipple play while watching television. It’s not long before Frank goes down on Robert's hard cock. After expertly demonstrating his fine deep throating skills, Frank encourages his sexy cubby companion to get on all fours, and then proceeds to give him a tongue bath on his backside. After all that lip service, it's time for Frank to sit back in the easy chair and let Robert service Frank's big ol' swollen tool. Once Robert satisfies his oral craving he turns around and sits down on Frank's rock hard piece of meat. The big man grabs his cub's hips and ruthlessly bounces him up and down on his cock, making him whimper and whine with pleasure. Frank then bends Robert over and mounts him from behind. In the end, both men have a massive spurt-fest, coaxing copious loads from their big, sweaty ball sacs.

Starring: Frank Carnation, Robert Hazelwood

Running Time: 00:16:00

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