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Jak Grayson & Leo Corvero

The scene opens with two very cute young chubs enjoying a hot, steamy shower together. After the shower, they relax on the bed and begin lots of heavy tongue kissing. Jak reaches into Leo’s sheer boxer shorts and releases the 19 years old’s monster of a cock. Jak swallows the thick piece of meat over and over again, as Leo pushes down hard on the back of Jak’s head. Jak gets on all fours and Leo spreads Jak’s beefy butt cheeks as he shoves his broad tongue in the handsome cub’s hairy tight, pink hole. After a hot session of rimming, Jak flips on his back and let’s Leo work on his rock hard cock. Finally, these two hot, young chubs fuck each senseless until they both spurt hot loads of cum all over each other.

Starring: Jak Grayson, Leo Corvero

Running Time: 00:27:00

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