Hot Bears Vol 10 - Tales Of The Chubby

This DVD contains three movies : HOT LOUNGE, featuring H.T. DIRK and Welshcub, shows a big hairy chubby and a hot muscular cub having it off in the lounge of their house during a hot summer day. Watch them get on top of each other, playing with their dicks and cum pouring all over the big chub's belly. SLEEPY HUSBEAR, featuring MOONEE and Welshcub : get in bed with these two lovers, as the chaser comes upstairs to wake up his husbear. Moonee's silver haired shoulders have never looked hotter. Watch the two furry men have it off all over the soon-to-be wet sheets of their hot bed ! SUPERCHASER, featuring RIC MACKEY and VINNYCHASER. A Superhero is born. His mission is to save all the fat boys from the horrible and evil Mr Diet. Watch SuperChaser as he flies down in a sunny garden and performs his first rescue. Movie contains acrobatic and amazing special effect (duh?) but mostly super hot sex scenes between beautiful Ric Mackey and the very sexy & muscular Vinnychaser with his enormous fat cock.

Starring: HT Dirk, Moonee , Rick Mackie, Vinnychaser , Welshcub

Running Time: 01:29:00

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