Chubs At Home 5 - Franks Home Movies

Frank S., the chubby from the (in)famous tv commercial, shows it ALL on the 4th volume of the "ChubsAtHome" videos : FRANK'S HOME MOVIES. Yes, this is not a dream, you can see everything, Frank's ass, his big balls and his HUGE fat cock !! In the first movie, entitled "Frank's Secret Nightlight Confessions", that he shot in the privacy of his London home, Frank is telling the viewer about the fan mail he got, what you have told him you'd like to do to him and then he touches himself and strips completely, showing you how he feels about it. All I can say is that... I came twice !! It's very hot.In the second movie, Frank is in his bath, still talking to you, viewer, of what he's wish you to do to him and show it all, wet & soapy.

Starring: Frank

Running Time: 00:19:00

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