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Hot Bears Volume 8 - Chub Factory

This is by far our most exciting product ever. This movie was shot during 3 days in a real factory, in the middle of the country. Real hard manual workers, all chubbies, bears and chasers, work all around this dusty, greasy workplace, filled with machines, wires, tools, bossed around by an awful yelling foreman. Bored by the job and by their boss, the sweaty workmen often kill time by having sex all around the storage facilities, on top of flight cases and in the many the hidden corners. But then, the thin chaser commits the unspeakable : he has sex with... the boss !! How will the other workers react ? By taking him by force, tying him up to metal bars and raping him all together on top of an old rusty cart... Shot on location in a genuine factory in Belgium, this movie offers a fantastic concentrate of fantasies and tremendously exciting situations.

Starring: Baloof , HT Dirk

Running Time: 01:24:00

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