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Tank Attack

You can't stop a Tank. 19 year old chaser Little Paws tries, and well… First he gets Tank on the bed and strips him out of his underwear while sucking his cock, then Tank sucks his hot chaser's dick and gets him nice and hard. Little Paws gets Tank back on the bed and kisses his belly & gets his cock rock hard, until it's time for Little Paws to sit on Tank's cock. After a nice ride, Tank blows Little Paws some more and we see him tongue his hot hairy hole. They get into a sexy 69 position that you can see from every angle! Tank then flips him over and buries his face in Little Paws's hairy ass. Now comes the best part as Little Paws rams his hot chaser cock up Tank's big ass from multiple positions, ending with Tank sitting on Little Paws's cock. They each take turns jacking off huge loads.

Starring: Little Paws , Tank

Running Time: 00:27:00

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