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Chub Strippers Vol 2

First, watch Didjoss Ivakoplour, a polish manual worker, who comes back from work and strip all the way down for you, following the instructions of a french voyeur, telling him to stand, sit, take his clothes off, and offering you his soft, then hard beer-can-sized cock, and shooting a hot load, plus a golden encore. Then Bjorn C. appears in his genuine Scandinavian uniform. He then strips for you in such a sexy way, looking straight into your eyes and taunting you with his unique charm. His solid bearish body is just as rock hard as his big cock and gorgeous hanging balls, as he cums in a big groan. After him, Frenchbear is the final guest in your bedroom, revealing his hairy ass and his sexy uncut cock, cumming and offering his sperm to you.

Starring: Bjorn C, Didjoss Ivakoplour, Frenchbear

Running Time: 00:58:00

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