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Ray & Brutus

Brutus is an aspiring musician who dreams of being a rock star. But being an unemployed college student, he can no longer afford his guitar lessons. His instructor, Ray Cannon suggests a creative way for Brutus to pay for his lessons. Brutus resists the suggestion at first, but eventually his desire for stardom sways his apprehension. In the bedroom, Brutus starts paying for his lessons by swallowing Ray’s beautiful 7” fat ol’ daddy dick. The couple gets into an amazing 69 position where they deep throat and gag each other over and over again. After Ray gets his fill of oral action, he decides its time to stretch out Brutus’s tender, pink virgin hole. Ray mounts and brutally breeds his young student making him whimper and whine with pleasure. Eventually the couple flips and Brutus gets to show off his topping skills as he reams his instructor’s hairy hole. Finally both men spurt their cum all over the screen for you to see.

Starring: Brutus Beefcake, Ray Cannon

Running Time: 00:50:00

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