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Vol 6 Charged UP

2 Big Movies! 80 Minutes of BIG BEAR SEX!

DUNKED - A relaxing bath turns into a Big Bathroom Orgy! CHUBJIM enjoys a hot bath and gets so horny he pulls FATBOYLA in with him! He strips FatboyLA out of his wet clothes, and they kiss, suck, and rim. It's about to get more crowded in this bathroom as DON BEAR & MCBEARCUB walk in and take a shower together next to them. Don Bear & McBearcub suck, rim and lick eachother all over as ChubJim and FatboyLA watch. Everyone gets heated up and soon everyone is rimming and fucking in and out of the tub! Watch everyone cum as these HOT chubby bears get worked on from all angles! Special appearance by DADDY MIKE.

BYRD DOGGIN' - Featuring JOE FALCONI, ROBIN BYRD and JAY MASTERS Watch 2 horny bears play with big chubby bear Robin Byrd in his first movie. Joe and Jay work over Robin's cock and mouth, as Robin sucks and rims them. Robin eagerly works over Joe's cock, until Joe flips Robin over and fucks him in his first ever TOP scene! Load after load, these hot bears don't stop until everyone reaches extreme bear bliss!


Starring: ChubJim , Daddy Mike, Don Bear, FatBoyLa , Joe Falconi, McBearCub , Robin Byrd

Running Time: 01:23:00

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