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Vol 5 Double Stuffed

Go ahead.. take a bite! 3 BIG movies, over 2 hours of enjoyment.

ROOVY DAY - Don Bear & FatboyLA are hot & sweaty from a day of golfing, and happen upon friendly neighbor Daddy Mike on the way home. He invites them to park in his garage for some cold beers and friendly chat. Many beers later, they get friendlier and friendlier with their neighbor until they soon take off all their clothes and start playing with eachother! Still hot from the sun and buzzed from the beer, Don Bear & FatboyLA take control of Daddy Mike and take turns sucking & fucking him on his back in the golf cart! This is some of the HOTTEST action we've ever filmed!
PLAYTIME - Introducing Arkbear - 43 year old salt & pepper 243 lb bear, and Russell Wilshire - 41 year old 300 lb big daddy bear. Watch Russell & Arkbear get heated up on the bed as they strip out of their clothes and explore eachother. Arkbear services big daddy Russell as he sucks & rims his big ass with animalistic lust. Arkbear has brought along a few of his favorite toys, and Daddy Russell takes control of Ark's ass in an intense Triple Xtra Large dildo session! Filmed from multiple angles including our new Bird's Eye View cam.

UP ALL NIGHT - Extended Director's Cut. EZR4ME returns (XXXL vol 1) with McBearCub (Slingshots)! Big chubby daddy Ezr4me has been waiting all evening for McBearcub to get home,and when he does, he strips him of his clothes and begins licking & sucking his cock until McBearcub has to strip Ezr4me of his shorts, and sucks, rims & fingers his big bad daddyass. This is going to be no quickie! McBearcub has been waiting all day too, and he has to get inside his big daddy's ass all night long! Watch them passionately fuck until the sun comes up and they both welcome daybreak with a hot load, finally collapsing in eachother's arms...

Starring: Arkbear , Daddy Mike, Don Bear, Ezr4me , FatBoyLa , McBearCub

Running Time: 02:05:00

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