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In The Big Leagues

The Coach, a big, hot 29 year old chub, has a pre-season special training camp with two new recruits this year.
Jeremy's a chubby cub, 21, 6'1", 275lbs, a bad boy looking for a bit of discipline from the coach, and Brian, a 19 year old running back with what the coach suspects to be huge talent.
He trains this boys hard, showing them how to receive, make plays, and score, on a picnic table, training field, and in a tent. Meanwhile, Gordon, 21, 6'4", 280lbs, an offensive lineman, is seeking tutoring from Mike, a hot 24 year-old chub with ideas of his own. Mike fulfills his fantasies, and puts on a show for Gordon, while the coach lets his players show them what they've learned on him in the hot tub.
Approx. 90 mins.

Starring: Chance Malone, Doug Beary, JT Rockland, Ken Cubbs, Pj Cocker, Tony Sledge

Running Time: 01:34:00

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