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Tex Chubs

Join a handsome, big, hairy blond Texan as he shows us how to get fucked – Texan style. This baby-faced, tattooed Texan brings some hot friends over – after first stripping and showering! His first friend is a cute cub who loves to kiss, suck, and play with big bellies. He gets all eight inches of the Texan’s cock out to play, before they’re joined by another hot chub, this one even hairier. And if the three-way sucking an rimming isn’t enough, the smooth cub puts on the cock-ring and fucks the Texan – hard – before blowing a load all over the man’s baby face. Finally, a fourth comes in, and the toys come out! This is an intense four-way of fucking, sucking, toys, and cum shots!

Starring: Clark Noxon, Jake Catay, Luke Dobbs, Moe Guerre

Running Time: 00:59:00

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