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Training Coach

The adventure continues at Jock U! When the hot coach takes his team out to play, things get hot and steamy at the hotel. Check out Jeff, a 6', 400 pound honor student at Jock U. He's been a long time fan of his school team, not for the sport but for the team's coach. See Jeff sneak in the coach's room and catch him "training" his assistant Ty on a one-on-one private lesson.
The coach is a sexy 29 y/o 6'-1" 350 lbs big man who also enjoys getting the best of his players. The coach's assistant, Ty is 6', 200 lbs and always loves to train receivers. He also loves to get it on with the coach, and joins in with Mark, a 20 y/o, 6'-11", 350 lbs player who could not resist curiosity and had to make a pass at his coach that night.
Join these four hot men while they make the best of out their hotel stay before the game. Don't miss out the hot foreplay, shower and sex scenes. These guys know how to play and be teammates!
Approx. 90 mins

Starring: Bryce Dayton, C W Longhaul, Derrick Allen, Doug Beary, Tony Sledge

Running Time: 01:31:00

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