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Cubs After The Honey Cum

There’s nothing that a cub loves more than cum! This video is crammed full of hot loads, anal action, and up close cocks. After a sexy Latino cub strips down to his tight underwear for you, and then showers, the real action begins – wearing a tight jockstrap, he and his hairy young chub friend get down and dirty, sucking through that black jock, then completely naked. It isn’t long before they are joined by their hot cub friend, a hairy, big-butted cub who loves to fuck. You’ll cream for the close-up anal action as these cubs pound each other! Then, the action moves to a sexy smooth chub, joined by two, handsome hairy cubs. These guys love to suck, jerk, and kiss, in one of the hottest three-ways ever!

Starring: Douglas Mariner, Harper Jensen, J.T. Kliens, Jack Bolton, Thom Exeter

Running Time: 01:22:00

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