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Paulys Pizza Boys

Horny, young delivery boys get more than a measly tip for their hard work. Often, they are seduced or forced to provide extra services to Pauly’s special customers. The video starts with a new driver who accidentally delivers a pizza to the wrong room. He is attacked by two big brutes, who strip him down, force him to suck their cocks, eat their big, hairy butts, and then drain loads of hot cum from their sweaty nut sacs. Next scene is an adult film first! A big ol’ daddy bear disciplines his young cub using paddles, whips, and the back of his bare calloused hand. After the lad’s ass turns bright pink, Daddy greases the cub’s hole up and ruthlessly starts shoving a huge, red, dog dildo in and out of the cub’s swollen pucker. This dog dildo is massive! The poor guy screams and begs for mercy as his ass is split open by this throbbing, red doggie prong. Finally, a 350 pound office manager is working late and decides to orders a bite to eat. When his pizza arrives, he begins fantasizing about the hunky delivery guy in front of him. The driver strips down, get on his hands and knees and starts to deep throat the big man’s thick penis. After choking the driver with this fat piece of meat, the manager bends him over his desk and plunges his dick into the delivery boy’s sweaty back door. The big man pounds his ass, over and over again, until the driver spurts a massive load all over the chub’s huge, firm gut.

Starring: Bill Coberg, Chris Renwa, Don PolarBehr, Kris Steele, Paul Firecub, Rick Logan

Running Time: 01:21:00

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