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Days Of My Life

A young stud whips up several arousing fantasies as he daydreams away at his menial job. The first scene features the young hunk getting his ass fucked by a hung bear of a man. Next, our day dreamer Conjures up two big burly men from ancient Greece. These men satisfy their sexual hunger in the manly ways that made the Greeks famous the world over. The third fantasy takes place in a dungeon as a big, dominant cigar-smoking master sodomizes his obedient pig slave with a huge dildo, then rewards him by spurting his hot load of jizm down the slaves throat. The tape finishes as all the fantasies collide together in a cock-sucking, butt-fucking orgy.

Starring: Almon LaGreen, Greg Craft, Jon Henderson, Max Woodruff, Michael Johnson, Rob Norris

Running Time: 01:30:00

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