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Billy Bears Birthday Bash

It’s Billy’s 26th birthday and his good-time buddies are throwing him one hell of a surprise party. But there is one problem…it turns out to be a total sausage fest! As the party heats up and everyone’s inhibitions cum down and these drunken rednecks turn to each other to relieve their horny energy. Billy is held down and forced to take cock after cock in his mouth and ass, as initiation into this brotherhood of sodomy. Just when you think things could get wilder, Billy is strapped into a sling were his buddies shove a beer up his ass, fuck him senselessly, then spray their hot piss and cum all over him…marking this moment in his mind forever.

Starring: Cayce Keller, Chase McLeod, Michael McQuaig, Robert Smith, Toby Murdox

Running Time: 00:58:00

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